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Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Growlr is a popular gay dating app and internet site that caters to a vibrant and active audience of gay men. With its global community of members worldwide, Growlr stands out among other online dating services as the go-to platform for social networking in the LGBTQ+ community’s pursuit of meaningful connections.

Looking for an online dating site tailored to the active audience of gay men? Look no further than Growlr, a popular and diverse dating app available on the Google Play Store. With members worldwide, this internet dating platform offers a unique social networking experience exclusively for gay men. Ready to dive into the world of Growlr and connect with like-minded individuals?

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Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Pros & Cons

  • – Growlr is an incredible website for all those bear enthusiasts out there looking to connect with hot users and embrace their love for the furry community.
  • – With its user-friendly search feature, you can easily find more bears than you could ever dream of, making your online dating journey truly wild and furrylicious!
  • – What sets Growlr apart from other platforms is that it not only offers live video calls and the ability to send messages in real-time but also ensures basic safety through helpful guidelines and filter systems.
  • – The search feature on Growlr could use some improvements as it doesn’t always deliver the perfect “bear” for your taste.
  • – Although there are plenty of hot users on Growlr, it can be overwhelming to swipe through endless profiles without a refined filtering system.
  • – While live video calls might sound exciting, basic safety guidelines need to be better enforced on the platform to ensure a pleasant and secure experience.

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

How Does Growlr Work?

Growlr is a mobile-friendly dating app that connects gay and bisexual men through its user-friendly interface. Created in 2010, Growlr quickly gained popularity within the LGBTQ+ community as a platform where users can find profiles based on location, interests, and physical attributes. The app boasts over 10 million members worldwide, making it an ideal space to meet like-minded individuals.

At Growlr, users have access to exclusive features such as "Bear Bar" and "Travel Mode.

" These features enable members to locate nearby bars popular among the bear community or discover potential matches even while traveling. Whether you are seeking casual relationships or a lifelong partner, Growlr offers various options tailored to each user’s preferences.

Users of Growlr come from diverse backgrounds with different relationship goals in mind. Some may be looking for their best friend or soulmate, while others seek fun and engaging conversations without any strings attached.

Whatever your desires may be, this inclusive platform provides an opportunity for meaningful connections among individuals who share common interests.

While there are other growler alternatives available, Growlr stands out by providing a good deal in terms of connecting people within the bear community not only via its sleek mobile app but also through its web-based site – ensuring maximum accessibility for all users.

How to Make Contact on Growlr

Looking to connect with other users on Growlr? This mobile-friendly dating app and web site provide several contact options for its members. From exclusive features like private messaging and video chat, to public forums and events, there are plenty of ways to reach out and make new friends. If you’re looking for a good deal or interested in exploring growlr alternatives, knowing the array of contact options available can assist you in finding your best friend or potential partner.

  • On Growlr, a mobile friendly dating app, you can interact with other users through messaging and chat features provided on the app.
  • The web site also offers exclusive features like match recommendations and group chats for connecting with other users on a larger scale.
  • If you’re looking to meet someone specific or make new friends, engaging with other users on Growlr can present a good deal of opportunities, as it’s designed for the LGBTQ+ community; however, there are also alternative dating apps available that cater to different preferences.

To make contact on Growlr, users have various options available. The mobile-friendly dating app offers a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to navigate and explore different profiles easily. It provides exclusive features like private messaging, photo sharing, and video chatting, enabling users to connect with other members efficiently.

By utilizing the search function and filters provided by the app, users can narrow down their preferences and find potential matches based on location, age range, interests, or physical attributes.

Aside from these features within the mobile application itself, Growlr also has a web site that further enhances the user experience. This platform is highly accessible for those who prefer using a larger screen or may not have access to a smartphone.

Additionally, the web site provides additional tools such as forums and groups where users can interact with each other beyond one-on-one conversations. With its array of options readily available at their fingertips or in front of them on any device they choose to use it on; making connections through Growlr proves to be an enjoyable experience for all looking for camaraderie or more substantial relationships without breaking their bank accounts when compared against some growrl alternatives out there today!

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Registration Process

Looking to join the gay dating community on Growlr? Wondering how to register and sign up for an account? In this section, we will guide you through the process of profile creation on Growlr, ensuring a smooth start to your online dating experience.

To register on Growlr, follow these three steps:

  1. Go to the Growlr website or download the Growlr app from your preferred app store.

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  2. Click on the "Register" or "Sign Up" button to create a new account.

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  3. Fill out the required information to complete your profile creation, including details about your preferences and interests in the gay dating community.

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Creating a profile on Growlr is an essential step for those interested in the gay dating scene. To get started, users must register and sign up on the platform, proceeding with the process of profile creation.

  • Register for an account on the Growlr gay community platform by providing your email address, password, and selecting a catchy username.
  • After completing the registration process, sign in to your newly created account using the credentials you provided.
  • Once signed in, locate the profile creation section within the user interface. This can usually be found under the "Profile" or "Account Settings" tab.
  • Begin filling out your profile information by providing details such as your age, height, weight, body type, ethnicity, relationship status, etc. Be honest and accurate while answering these questions, as they help other users get to know you better.
  • Upload attractive and recent photographs that showcase your personality and physical appearance. Ensure the images adhere to the platform’s guidelines regarding nudity and appropriateness.
  • Write a captivating bio by describing your interests, hobbies, what you’re looking for in the gay dating scene, and any specifics you’d like potential matches to know about you.
  • Fill out additional optional sections, such as sexual preferences, safe sex practices, smoking/drinking habits, HIV status, and preferred language. Answering these helps find like-minded individuals with compatible lifestyles.
  • Review all the information provided to ensure it accurately represents you and your preferences. Make any necessary adjustments before saving the profile.
  • Save and publish your profile to make it visible to other users within the Growlr gay dating community.
  • Regularly update and maintain your profile based on personal developments, changing preferences, or crucial updates related to your interests or social life.

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Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Interface & Design

The interface of Growlr is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. The app’s home screen features a clean and intuitive layout, with easily accessible buttons for various functions such as messaging, browsing profiles, and adjusting search filters. The menu options are organized logically, allowing users to navigate effortlessly between different sections of the app. Additionally, the design incorporates eye-catching colors and fonts that enhance visual appeal while maintaining readability.

Growlr’s overall design aims to provide a seamless user experience.

Its interface boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic, appealing to its target audience. The typography is clear and easy to read on all device sizes, ensuring legibility even during quick searches or chats. Icons used throughout the app are universally recognizable, making it effortless for users to understand their functionality without needing additional explanations. With its thoughtfully curated design elements and well-structured layout, Growlr offers an enjoyable interface that facilitates smooth navigation and engagement within the LGBTQ+ community it serves.

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

What I Liked as a User

During my three-month experience using Growlr, I came across some amazing features that greatly enhanced my romantic life. One of the key points that stood out to me was the convenience of exchanging private messages with potential matches through a secure and easy-to-use platform. This allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals who shared similar interests as a gay man seeking companionship in my area. Whether it was planning a romantic date or simply engaging in meaningful conversations, Growlr provided an efficient means of communication without compromising privacy or having to share personal phone numbers or email addresses.

  • Amazing features: Growlr provides a wide range of amazing features that enhance the experience of finding and connecting with other gay men. The app allows me to easily browse through profiles, chat with other users, share photos, and even create and join social events. These features make it effortless for me to interact with like-minded individuals and explore potential connections.

  • Romantic life: Growlr has greatly improved my romantic life by providing a platform where I can connect with other gay men who are also seeking meaningful relationships. The app’s focus on creating an inclusive and supportive community encourages genuine conversations and fosters opportunities for pursuing a romantic connection. It has been refreshing to engage in meaningful conversations and form lasting bonds with individuals who share similar interests and aspirations.

  • Mail address: One of the key points that I particularly appreciate about Growlr is the option to verify my mail address. This feature adds an extra layer of authenticity and credibility to the profiles I come across. Knowing that a user’s mail address has been verified lessens the uncertainty and increases trust when looking for a potential life lover or planning a romantic date. It gives me more confidence in engaging with others and reduces the chances of encountering fake or misleading profiles.

  • Life lover: Growlr helped me find my life lover! Through this platform, I had the opportunity to meet someone truly special. The app allowed us to connect based on our shared interests and values, enabling us to have deeper conversations right from the start. The ability to filter profiles based on preferences such as relationship status, age, and location further narrowed down the search and increased the chances of finding someone compatible. Without Growlr, I may not have crossed paths with my life lover, and I am grateful for the role it played in bringing us together.

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?


Growlr offers both free and paid features to its users. The free version allows members to browse profiles, send and receive messages, and use the service’s location-based search feature. However, by upgrading to the paid version, users gain access to additional functionalities such as advanced filtering options and the ability to view unlimited profiles.

One unique feature on Growlr is the "Growl" function, which allows users to broadcast short messages or requests to other nearby users.

This can be a helpful tool for initiating conversations and finding like-minded individuals in your area. Additionally, Growlr puts a strong emphasis on basic safety measures by providing resources and guidelines for responsible online dating. Users are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or behavior from other users ensuring a secure experience for all.

  • Service captured: Growlr is a social networking app specifically designed for the bear community, capturing a niche market and catering to their needs.
  • Additionally connected: The app provides a platform for bears and their admirers to connect with each other, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • Basic safety: Growlr prioritizes user safety by offering features like profile verification and blocking/reporting options to ensure a safe and respectful environment.
  • Other users: The app allows users to browse through profiles of other members nearby or around the world, facilitating interactions and potential meetups within the bear community.
Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?


A premium membership with Growlr offers several benefits, making it a worthwhile investment for users. The pricing plans are competitive compared to other options in the market. While you can use Growlr without paying, the free version comes with limitations and advertisements, which can be disruptive to the user experience. To unlock all features and enjoy an ad-free environment, opting for a paid subscription is recommended.

Growlr offers multiple payment methods to cater to user preferences. From credit cards to mobile wallets, there are convenient options available for seamless transactions. Whether seeking additional perks or simply looking for an enhanced browsing experience, investing in a premium membership on Growlr proves to be a good deal when considering its cost.

Subscription Option Price Features
1 Month $7.99 – View unlimited profiles
– Chat and send private photos
– Browse in invisible mode
– Save and send chat phrases
– View profiles of recent visitors to your profile
3 Months $19.98 – All features of the 1-month subscription
– Priority positioning in search results
– Ability to view profiles without pictures
1 Year $59.99 – All features of the 3-month subscription
– Advanced filters for searching
– No advertising
– Unlock up to 500 favorites and conversations
VIP Membership (1 Month) $10.99 – All features of the 1-month subscription
– Exclusive access to online-only content
– Unlocking an unlimited number of favorites and conversations
VIP Membership (3 Months) $29.99 – All features of the 3-month subscription
– Exclusive access to online-only content
– Unlocking an unlimited number of favorites and conversations
VIP Membership (1 Year) $89.99 – All features of the 1-year subscription
– Exclusive access to online-only content
– Unlocking an unlimited number of favorites and conversations

Please note that the prices mentioned above may vary and it’s recommended to check the official Growlr website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Free Services

  • Free access to basic features and functions on Growlr.
  • No fee required for signing up and creating a profile.
  • Explore the app’s extensive network of gay bears, cubs, and admirers without any charges.
  • Send and receive unlimited messages for free.
  • Browse an unlimited number of profiles at no cost.
  • Access public photo galleries of other users without paying.
  • Use the search function to find specific profiles without spending a dime.
  • Participate in group chats and discussions with other community members.
  • Get notifications about new messages and profile visits without having to pay for it.
  • Enjoy all these free services without any obligation to upgrade to premium membership.

  • Growlr offers a premium membership option that provides users with additional benefits and features.
  • The premium membership on Growlr is considered a good deal as it enhances the overall experience and allows access to exclusive perks.
  • The cost of the premium membership varies based on different subscription plans available.

The premium membership on Growlr offers several advantages over its free counterpart. With a premium membership, users can enjoy features such as unlimited messaging and browsing, advanced search filters, and the ability to view profiles anonymously. Considering the minimal cost of this upgrade compared to the benefits it provides, opting for a premium membership is indeed a good deal for those seeking an enhanced user experience on Growlr.

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Growlr offers a unique platform for users to create personal profiles, allowing them to showcase their individuality and preferences.
  • Unlike other sites or apps, Growlr brings together a community of like-minded individuals who are primarily interested in connecting with other members belonging to the bear community.
  • The specific service provided by Growlr caters exclusively to bears and those interested in engaging with this niche audience, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding among its users.
  • By facilitating connections between bears and creating a sense of belonging, Growlr provides an avenue for meaningful interactions that may lead to many dates within the community.

When exploring the user profiles of other members on Growlr, I found that they serve as a personal profile for individuals within the bear community. These profiles contain information such as age, location, height, weight, and physical attributes like body hair and facial features. Some users also include their interests and hobbies in their profiles to give others a glimpse into their personality. Overall, these personal profiles provide essential details for potential connections or dates on the app.

One aspect that stood out to me was the specificity of preferences listed by other bears in their profiles. This included both physical preferences such as preferred body types or age ranges, as well as specific relationship desires (e.g., casual encounters versus long-term commitments). It seemed like many member’s main goal was finding suitable partners for different kinds of interactions rather than just seeking friendship or companionship.

After reviewing multiple user profiles on Growlr, it became clear how important it is to create an eye-catching profile to stand out among other members. By providing detailed and honest information about oneself while simultaneously expressing individuality through unique interests and qualities can increase the chances of attracting attention from desired matches. Learning from examples set by other bears allows one to showcase themselves effectively only then leading to potential conversations and perhaps even possible dates with like-minded individuals within this vibrant community.

  • Use high-quality, eye-catching photos: High-quality photos will grab the attention of other members and make your profile visually appealing.
  • Write a captivating personal description: A well-written personal profile can showcase your unique personality and interests, making you more interesting to others.
  • Be specific about what you’re looking for: Clearly stating what you seek in a potential partner or relationship helps attract individuals who are on the same page as you.
  • Highlight your hobbies and passions: Sharing your hobbies and passions can help you connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests.
  • Show off your sense of humor: Incorporating humor into your profile can make you more memorable and stand out from other bears.
  • Share experiences and stories: Opening up and sharing personal stories or experiences can create a genuine connection with others and spark their interest.
  • Mention any special skills or talents: If you have a particular skill or talent, whether it’s cooking, playing an instrument, or art, mentioning it can make your profile more intriguing.
  • Include honest information about yourself: Being authentic and transparent about who you are, including your strengths and weaknesses, can attract individuals who appreciate honesty and real connections.
  • Avoid clichés and generic statements: By avoiding generic phrases commonly used by others, you can set yourself apart and be seen as more original and interesting.
  • Interact with other members: Regularly engaging with other bears through comments or messages shows that you are actively involved in the community and interested in getting to know others.
  • Stay active on the app: Consistently updating your profile, uploading new photos, and staying engaged on Growlr increases your visibility and chances of finding many dates.
Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance when using Growlr. The app implements a verification process for users, ensuring that profiles are genuine. In addition, it actively fights against bots and fake accounts to create a safer online environment. For added security measures, Growlr offers two-step verification options, adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. Rest assured that all uploaded photos go through manual review before being displayed on the platform.

Growlr also values user privacy, incorporating strict policies to safeguard personal information.

Despite its efforts in prioritizing basic safety and implementing stringent safety guidelines, there’s always room for improvement in terms of overall security. Enhancing algorithms to better detect potential fraudulent activities could further enhance the user experience by reducing the chances of encountering fake profiles or unwanted interactions. Continuous updates and research into emerging security threats can ensure that Growlr stays ahead in providing a secure space for its community members’ interactions.

Fake Profiles

Growlr, like many other social networking platforms, has unfortunately experienced issues with fake profiles and bots. These deceptive accounts are created to manipulate users or perpetrate scams. To enhance basic safety on the platform, Growlr provides clear safety guidelines for its users to follow. It encourages members to exercise caution when interacting with unknown individuals and report suspicious behavior promptly. Additionally, the app prioritizes user privacy by employing measures such as secure data encryption and allowing controls over personal information visibility.

  • Verify profiles: Check for verification badges on user profiles, which indicate that the profile has been authentic and verified by Growlr. This helps in ensuring basic safety while interacting on the platform.
  • Stay cautious while sharing personal information: Protect your privacy by avoiding sharing sensitive or personally identifiable information with unknown users. Always follow the safety guidelines provided by Growlr to safeguard your user privacy.
  • Report suspicious accounts: If you come across a suspicious profile or suspect a bot, report it to Growlr immediately. Reporting such profiles helps maintain the integrity and authenticity of the community, enhancing overall user experience and safety.

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?


Users can access support for Growlr through various channels. There is a dedicated support page where users can find useful information and resources. Additionally, they can contact support via email to address any issues or inquiries they may have. While response time may vary, Growlr aims to provide prompt assistance to its users.

Furthermore, there is a comprehensive FAQ page that covers common questions and concerns.

Compared to other alternatives, Growlr’s support system offers multiple avenues for users to seek assistance. With both a support page and the option to contact them directly via email, users have different options depending on their preference or urgency of their issue. The inclusion of a detailed FAQ section also helps alleviate some doubts without requiring direct communication with customer service representatives.

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?


Alright, folks! Gather ’round because we’re about to dive into the wild world of dating apps. Today, I’ve got my magnifying glass and detective hat on as we uncover the truth about Growlr. Now, let me start by saying that trying out numerous dating sites and apps has left me with some pretty interesting experiences, but let’s just say that Growlr didn’t exactly blow my fur back. When it comes to this app, you might be expecting a glorious oasis overflowing with eligible bears ready to pounce like a grizzly on fresh salmon. Well, hate to burst your bubble, but that’s not quite what you get. Instead of finding quality connections or even meaningful conversations here, you’ll more likely stumble upon a bunch of dead-end encounters that feel like staring at an empty honey pot. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all for exploring different tastes and preferences when it comes to love (or lust), but Growlr seems to have missed the mark in terms of creating a vibrant community. It’s kind of like going fishing only to catch rubber boots instead of fish. Sure, they might serve a purpose somewhere down the line, but are they really worth your time?

Nahhh. The biggest issue I found with Growlr is its lackluster user base and limited features. It’s basically like seeing the same picnic basket over and over again – boring and unappealing. Plus, there are so many restrictions on messaging unless you fork over mountains of dough for their premium membership (and trust me when I say those mountains ain’t made of candy). Talk about being penny-pinched! But hey, maybe you’re thinking there must be something redeeming hidden beneath those furry profiles? Well look no further than Crumbs The Bear – because my dear reader, this app ain’t worth losing any sleep over. In summary, if Growlr was an exotic bird perched among other dazzling dating apps, it’d be more like a humble pigeon trying to keep up with the peacocks. Its lackluster user base and limited features make it feel about as exciting as watching paint dry on a rainy day.

So, my rating? Sorry Growlr, but I’m giving you a solid thumbs down – two paws way down, actually. My opinion? It’s time to delete this app faster than you can say “honey badger don’t care.” Final thoughts? Avoid it like a bear trap in the woods. Trust me, there are plenty of other fish… or should I say bears… in the sea. Good luck out there in your search for love (or something resembling it) folks! And remember: when life gives you lemons, swipe right on another dating app instead!

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Video: Growlr review


1. Is Growlr legit?

Yeah, totally! Growlr is legit for sure. It’s a solid app that caters to the bear community and provides much-needed visibility in the online dating world. If you’ve got questions about it, just hit me up for some common queries and answers!

2. Is Growlr free?

Yeah, totally! Growlr is a free app for all the fur-loving folks out there who are looking to connect with like-minded individuals in their area. No hidden fees or sneaky charges; it’s an awesome platform where you can ask questions and get answers from fellow members. Enjoy mingling without worrying about your wallet!

3. What payment methods does Growlr accept?

Growlr accepts various payment methods to cater to users with different preferences. You can choose to pay for premium features using credit cards, debit cards, or even through mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. They’ve got you covered when it comes to convenient ways of upgrading your browsing experience on the app!

4. How does Growlr website work?

Growlr website works by providing a platform for gay bears, cubs, and their admirers to connect and chat. Users can create profiles with pictures and information about themselves, browse through nearby members, and send messages or photos privately. It’s pretty straightforward to use; just have fun exploring the bear-dating world!

5. How many users does Growlr have?

Growlr, the popular dating app for the bear community, has a vibrant user base with millions of individuals connecting worldwide. It’s tough to put an exact number on it since users join and leave all the time, but rest assured there are plenty of friendly bears out there waiting to chat and meet new people. If you have any other questions about Growlr or need more information, feel free to ask!

6. How can I contact Growlr?

Hey there! If you have any questions or need assistance with Growlr, their customer support team is readily available. You can easily contact them by simply heading to the app settings and tapping on "Contact Support" for any inquiries or common queries you might have. So just reach out to them, and they’ll be ready with the answers you need!

Growlr Review 2023 – Does It Deliver What It Promises?

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